"Why does there need to be one more book on identity or purpose or destiny? Aren’t the bookshelves flooded with these already? What can Mindee Woodward say on the subject that hasn’t already been discussed? Trust me, if you were thinking any of these questions, know that Mindee was asking them of herself the whole time she was writing this book. In some moments, these questions shouted at her so loudly, she almost quit. What could she possibly have to offer you that you haven’t heard before? Why on earth would you want to read her book? Thank goodness she settled these issues and forged ahead. The reason we still need books on identity is because so many of us are still struggling with who we truly are and why we are here. We need clues and keys and practical answers to the hard questions of how to handle what has hurt us, what has wounded our souls, crushed our spirits, and kept us from living fully alive and wonderfully free. Mindee Woodward has offered some of the most practical advice I have yet encountered into discovering what is keeping you stuck and how you can move past it once and for all. Her story is authentic. Her style is easy-going and approachable. You will find yourself between the pages, relating well to her illustrations. More than anything, you will appreciate the activations she provides in each chapter which guide you through the process of defining and declaring who you are and what you were born for. There is greatness inside of you. The small things you do every single day matter a great deal. Your life has significance. Don’t you think it is time for you to unwrap and play with all the beautiful gifts that make you amazing?"

Unconfinable: Hard Copy