"God is changing the mindsets of His people! The hard, often guilt-driven doctrines of men are being changed into the beautiful and endearing truths of God. Many of the things you once believed are being challenged in this hour. Thank God, we have His Word to keep anchored and focused on the things that are above. The Scriptures are our guide and they point us continually to God’s heart. To read the Bible and miss God’s heart would be one of the greatest tragedies of life! The God, who is LOVE, has given us the Word which is TRUTH! It’s time for you and me to RECALIBRATE our hearts and minds to the truth of God. He is a loving Father who gives away His righteousness when we come to Him by faith. When you RECALIBRATE your life, you return to the Father’s heart and joyfully discover that He has loved you all along. Nothing can separate you from this mighty love. So often we lose sight of Him, our True North! I know your journey has had ups and downs, so has mine. I have experienced days that seemed liked I was entering into heaven, and other days it seemed my heart was cold and distant from the One I love. The  answer to my need is to come again into God’s presence until I feel my heart burns again with first love passion. God is bringing His beautiful Bride back to the fullness of Christ! The Savior is being unveiled in this hour like never before. It has been calculated that more than 150,000 souls every day are coming to Christ and entering salvation’s bliss. The kingdom of love is expanding every day with more who are turning their hearts toward Christ. I love seeing the power of God touch hearts! But along the way we often stray, like sheep that need a Shepherd. I’ve found that daily returning to the nest of God’s heart is what has kept me faithful to Him nearly five decades. His love is our resting place, our safe place to hide. The Father doesn’t simply make us into good people, He transforms us into duplicates of Christ. We become like Jesus when we draw near to God and let Him win our battles. The perfect righteousness of Christ is now ours, transferred to our account by faith. Keep coming back to that truth, never let it be far from you that “every spiritual blessing has already been lavished on us, all because of Christ!” Grace is our compass, Mercy is our comfort, and Power is our path. You will enjoy reading this book, as I have. RECALIBRATE is full of truth that can set you free from dead religion and RECALIBRATE is wearing the yoke of religious bondage. Mindee Woodward has given us a treasure. Her writing is potent, easy to dissolve in your innermost being, and full of engaging thoughts. Oh, be sure to pick up a copy for a friend, they will thank you for it. I hope you’ll enjoy the process of telling your heart: “RECALIBRATE and stay in tune with heaven!"

Recalibrate - Digital PDF