My Story

Mindee is a passionate, informed, and inspiring woman of God. She is rooted deeply in her faith and understands both the concepts and the power behind God's Word. She fully believes that God is in the middle of re-igniting and re-calibrating the mindset of His people toward the beautiful truth's in God's Word, as opposed to the common mindset of our culture. 

She fully believes that the Scriptures are a guide to give us further insight into God's heart. She wants to use the tools that she has been given to help others navigate the Scriptures in order to walk in true spiritual power and authority through the knowledge of the Son and His transformative power. 


"God gave us the Bible to prepare us for the journey...because He is good."

My Mission

Our quality of life is much more powerful and effective when we are walking in step with God's Word. From relationships to work, our deepest need is an intimate communion with God, which will allow us to be effectively used for the advancement of God's Kingdom. 

Mindee's goal is to unlock the Spirit's power in the individuals she encounters, through discipleship, prayer, and consultation. We've been given all the tools necessary to defeat the enemy, and Mindee wants to help individuals pick up their armor and make war with strength, passion and conviction. Her programs and resources are specifically designed to bring awareness to both the power of God Himself, and His Word, as well as the unique gifts He has given each of us.